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Thermal Protection Aid (TPA)


We offer Thermal Protective Aid made of aluminized polyethelyne that are approved and meet SOLAS requirements

Key Features

  • Universal size
  • Compact packaging and light weight
  • Easy to unpack and don quickly
  • Temp Range -30°C to +20°C

Hypothermia can set in quickly, especially in remote marine environments. Loss of body heat and the risk of hypothermia  can be prevent with the use of Thermal Protective Aid (TPA)

The TPA is an aluminized polyethylene suit with heat sealed seams that protects from a temperature range of -30°C to +20°C and reduces both convective and evaporative heat loss from the wearer’s body. Its International Orange color ensures the user is highly visible in all weather conditions.

This one-size-fits-all suit fits over a life jacket or bulky clothing and still permits movement of arms and legs. The TPA weighs just 200 grams and comes in a compact package making it easy to store.

The TPA can be unpacked and put on easily without assistance.  The aid should not be used in water and should be discarded for swimming however, if the subject enters the water wearing the TPA, the suit can be removed quickly. 

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