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Safety Equipment

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Safety Shoes


We are pleased to offer the widest range of designs and brands for your selection of safety shoes, boots, insulated boots and gumboots all at very competitive prices.

Key Features

  • Comfortable fit, high quality and light weight
  • Choice of steel toe or composite material toe
  • Various colours and designs available
  • Selection of many brands available

Whatever your requirement for safe footwear, we carry various brands and designs all under one roof. Be it safety shoes with steel toe and midcap or composite material, boots, gumboots or isulated shoes. Not many people are aware but safety shoes have symbols on the outside toindicate the protection the shoe offers and this must be kept in mind when selecting the shoe which mathes your requirement. Examples are:

  • Green Triangle indicates that it is a class 1 toe cap with punture resistant sole
  • Yellow Traingle indicates that it is class 2 toe cap with punture resistant sole
  • White Square (with ohm symbol) indicates electrical protection
  • Yellow Square (with SD) indicates anti-static protection
  • Red Square (with C) indicates electrically conductive
  • Fir Tree means protection against chain saws
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